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All the news and useful tips for installing a home automation and smart home system. Articles, buying guides and updates regarding the entire universe of the connected home. Find out how to optimally manage light, temperature, safety and save on your bills. Make your home connected to save time and energy. You can control electrical appliances thanks to wifi, simply with a simple touch of your finger and in total safety. Eliminate any waste of energy, managing rooms separately according to your needs.

Home automation system: Operation and Applications

The home automation system for residential use is a structural and functional system that allows the use of suitable technologies and devices through which the user activates and manages, even remotely, the automation of home systems.


Possibility of managing switching on, switching off, adjusting the lights according to the presence of someone in the room;

Current loads control

Ability to monitor and manage current loads according to energy savings and prevention of overload blackouts;

Thermoregulation and heating

Possibility to regulate the temperature in every part of the house;

Opening and Closing of Doors

Possibility of automating the opening and closing of doors, gates, curtains, shutters and the like;

Sound diffusion

Ability to manage audio diffusion and sound sources;


Ability to communicate with the outside of the house or make intercom calls from one room to another;

Garden irrigation

Possibility to automate garden irrigation based on schedules or humidity and rain sensors;

Alarm system

The home automation alarm systems are able to detect gas leaks, the presence of smoke or flooding, to secure the environment by closing the solenoid valves and send the signal with a text message;

Security and video surveillance

Ability to monitor the house internally and externally in real time;

Control of household appliances

It will also be possible to set, program or remotely control the functions of household appliances such as the washing machine.

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