The rules for the perfect charging

There is no standard time to recharge an electric car: it can take up to 30 minutes or up to 12 hours depending on the kWh of the vehicle battery, the power of the charging point and the car charger. Charging times are also affected by the temperature of the external environment and the state of the battery. Depending on the model, it may then happen that electric vehicles, to maintain a correct battery temperature, recharge with decreasing power and speed once they have exceeded 80% of charge. This depends on a function of the electric vehicle management system that serves to ensure that the battery is in an efficient state.
We therefore always recommend you:
  • to check the charging standard of your electric vehicle, so how many kW it can recharge in Alternating Current (AC) and how many kW it can recharge in Direct Current (DC);
  • evaluate the kWh you need to fill up or to reach your destination based on the distance, the driving style and the type of roads you will travel on;
  • organize your daily activities also based on the charging time.

How to use charging points and rest areas

  • Occuping the column only for the time necessary for recharging and always checks for any information on the site;
  • if you cannot recharge because the column is occupied by a non-electric car or a car that is not charging, you can contact the competent authorities or the owner of the site hosting the public column. If, despite the presence of the vehicle occupying the pitch, it is still possible for you to recharge, you could leave a note for the owner of the improperly parked car: so you can help him not to repeat the same behavior in the future.

The kit to recharge from a public column

  • Payment methods App or Card: download JuicePass, create your profile and associate a payment method. If you prefer to top up also via Card, you can purchase it directly in the "Other" - "Enel X Store" section of the App;
  • Cable: regardless of the car you drive, the cable with the type 2 socket - mennekes - to plug into the column is the most important piece of equipment you will need. In most cases it is supplied with the electric vehicle. The end of the cable to be inserted into the car depends on the standard of the car. In the Fast charging points, the cable is directly present in the column.

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