Photovoltaic systems

Our range of photovoltaic products include components made by the most important manufacturers in the sector. Through close collaboration with our partners and careful control of materials, we can provide the best technologies available on the market.

Clean and Renewable

Save on your electricity bill with your photovoltaic system! A photovoltaic system offers many advantages: it brings energy into your home, it allows youto save on bills and contributes to the protection of the environment.

Solar trackers

Many modern photovoltaic systems use solar trackers, that are mobile structures able to let the photovoltaic panel follows the sun and to maximize its final energy efficiency.


Our inverter catalogue includes products suitable for any type of installation, from string inverters for small and medium-sized systems to centralized devices capable to support the highest powers, to always ensure maximum efficiency of the photovoltaic system.


We have photovoltaic modules of best brands, available for immediate delivery and with always competitive prices. They are perfect for installation on residential roofs, industrial warehouses or on large ground surfaces, they include:

  • photovoltaic modules in mono and polycrystalline silicon
  • thin film photovoltaic modules
  • hybrid technology photovoltaic modules.


Monitoring systems becomes more and more a standard for photovoltaic systems, as malfunctions are often only noticed with a few weeks of delay. Are you sure that your system is really generating the maximum possible power? Who carries out the checks and how regularly? Especially in the peak hours, when the sun offers the maximum of its irradiation, the loss of yield can be particularly significant.


A wide choice of systems for mounting photovoltaic modules that include everything needed to fix the photovoltaic panels on any type of roof or surface. As resellers of fastening systems at affordable prices, we offer products such as brackets, hooks and clamps in different materials, certified and reliable and guaranteed by the best international manufacturers such as Schletter and Resusol.

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