Optimal performance

Our experts together with the management select highly sophisticated and durable units and systems, suitable for continuous use. The proposal includes solutions for offices and shops, production plants and laboratories, administrative offices and large public access structures, apartament building and private houses.

Air cleaning systems

Air conditioners have the obvious goal of cooling rooms during the summer seasons. However, these tools are also important for air purification. Air conditioner filters retain dust, impurities, pollen and substances that can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Therefore, the system improves the healthiness of the environment and it is indicated in houses and structures with children or elderly people.

Commercial air conditioning

Working environments will in fact be air-conditioned in a specific way according to the requests, thanks to an absolutely versatile and functional system for the type of structure.

Residential air conditioning

In particular, we create with our customers the design, supply, and installation of split, multisplit, floor, ducted, ceiling, heat pump air conditioners, with the new energy saving technologies in double class A and inverter.


We also estimate the most common accessories for air conditioners, such as air conditioner bracket, floor base for air conditioner, protective sheet for air conditioner. Products that must be added to each air conditioner to complete your purchase.

Air treatment

We present our range of Air Curtains, Fans, and Dehumidifiers from the best brands.

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