Our Services

Home Delivery
We are an efficient, reliable, and expert company, who guarantee an high quality in electricity supply. We distinguish ourselves for our speed deliveries and convenient prices.
Shop and Fast
This service speeds the pick-up of goods up, avoiding long waiting for our costumers: it only takes 30 minutes to withdraw the ordered products.
Consulting and Training
The staff is trained through technical meetings with suppliers. That is because we want to offer our costumers a consulting, to make them choose the perfect product and offer them technical assistance during pre-sale and post-sale.
Commercial Estimation
Novelettra is made an efficient, reliable, and expert company by fast estimation togheter with our services, that guarantee an high quality of the electricity supply.

Why choosing us?

During our 40 years of activity, we have increase and updated our methods, to offer our costumers an overview of electrical and electronic products in order to satisfy their needs.
Our mission: be always in contact with our costumers and dedicate them the best attention. fFor this reason, our motto is “Service, Professionality, Quality, Price”.
Services like Home Delivery, Fast Collection of Goods, Consulting, and Commercial Estimation make Us a reference point.
We are a well-known and accomplished company recognized by costumers as landmark in the wholesale and retail distribution of electrical products, which works in industrial, residential and tertiary sector, for lighting and industrial automation.

Our history


Novelettra S.a.s was born, located in Via Cavanna, in a small building of 64sq.m


First relocation in Via Cavour, expanding at 120 sq.m.


It further expanded in Corso Italia, on a surface of 420 sq.m.


After these transfers, it had jump in quality, establishing itself as the main distributor of the area, opening warehouse in Via S.G.Bosco with a surface of more of 1.700 sq.m. He entered in the Consortium of Gli Elettrici Liguria, which later became Consortium of Gli Elettrici Nord Ovest, joining Piemonte, Lombadia, Emilia Romagna.


The year of its entrance in Gli Elettrici Italia, the biggest Italian group of the purchase of electrical supplies, with more than 170 stores in Italy


Opening of a new store of 350 sq.m. located in Ovada (AL), which allows a greater presence on the area to better support costumers, offering a better service.


Novelettra in collaboration with other partners of Gli Elettrici Italia Group founded M.C. Elettrici Spa, creates the biggest Italian centralised storehouse dedicated to supply single distributers with a wide availability of goods, and quick delivery at convenient commercial conditions, on a surface of 35.000 sq.m


Novelettra S.a.s becomes Novelettra S.r.l. It also takes place the generational shift from Claudio Campi to his son Danilo Campi. He continues running running the family business with passion, professionalism, seriousness. Not only reinforces he the name everyone knows, but also gives experience continuity and presence in the territory.


Novelettra undertakes further investments, opening of a new store of 457 sq.m. located in Tortona (AL), which allows an additional presence on the territory, to better support costumers, offering them the best service possible.


Novelettra celebrates 30 years of activity, organizing severals meetings with suppliers, to bring training and knowledge on the latest news to all installers and staff.


Acquisition Milano company.

Gli Elettrici Nord Ovest, Electrical Material Wholesalers Consortium, was born in 2002, but its history is well established. The founders of the Group have changed the rules of traditional consortia, joining small and medium-sized firms with a presence all over the territory. After that, other regions have followed the initiative, so Consorzio Italia was born. Market developments led the group to widen in a macro area and expand the group joining already existing regional consortia, founding Gli Elettrici Nord Ovest Consortium.

M. C. Elettrici was born in 1999 to represent a huge number of eletronic material distributors fragmented all over national territory. On the one hand, the original aim, which has been successfully reached by M.C. Elettrici, is obtain economies of scale for associated distributors, by lowering prices supply and create a new solid and long-lasting relationship with producers. On the other hand, its aim is to guarantee the independence and the territoriality of its partners, taking advantage of local users' knowledge. The purchasing and distribution policy, that has been adopted,following cooperation principles, reflects on prices to the final customer, more than professionalism, it takes advantage of the possibility of assisted purchase.

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