Planning of lighting

Just like an architect plans interiors, walls, apertures, and colour palette, a light designer plans the perfect lighting system for these spaces, and thanks to the 3D Render, he can even design the lightning starting from the plan. Lighting is a fundamental component to create the space atmosphere and tone; it is possible to use very different light sources than the traditional ones: something which reflects the person living in this house, how he wants to use it, his habits. Something which leaves a distinguishing feature. Lighting needs to follow the strong personality of the house. First of all, the light designer takes into account the budget and he collaborates with the house owner in order to establish how much lightning his house needs, choosing the products according to the settings: public spaces may need a greater investment to show off innovative articles and stylistically refined solutions; while other spaces may have smaller needs, both in terms of design and cost. Analysing in a creative way the new functional requirements is the key task of a light architect, an artist of the light, who constantly follows the technological innovations, who thinks out of the box and finds unexpected applications.
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